Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bahama Mama : JUNO!

How old are you? 21

What’s your take on fashion?
Fashion makes me excited about wearing clothes. because in truth, I hate being covered. fashion is and art, a process and a mindset. it's the knowledge of colors and proportions and what to DO with that knowledge

You’re house is on fire, you must grab your fav items of clothing before its too late! What are they!
uuuuuhhh a tube top, loose hammer pants, flip flops, my purse, anything illegal and green lmaooooooooo dont put that in there kmllll and my adventure time hat. just bought that thing!

Top 5 favourite clothing stores?
hmmm. i dont really have a fav brand but when i lived in europe jennyfer, bershka, h&m were what i wore a lot now im just salvation army based lol

Favourite labels?
I have none. i wear whatever looks good

Which celeb would you love to trade closets with?
Willow SMITH

                              Ideal place to travel to?
i gotta go to brooklyn! so many stylish people there
How do you feel about the state of fashion in the Bahamas?
i see some people coming out with their own style. but everyone seems to be comfortable dressing alike. and there will always be fads to follow. i think people are afraid of standing out because you're easier to ridicule

Ever felt those stares when you step out of the house in something shockingly fabulous!? Lol . If do you counteract those stares? What’s your take on fashion haters?
lol people always starin if it's not from my mop of hair. but i just stare back...menacingly. me do me I guess

Do you clothing shop in the Bahamas? .. If so where?! 
I do enjoy the more tourist-y shops though they are expensive. I always look at those stores that hang their clothes outside. a lot of funky designs. they're just out of my budget. so i check the thrift stores here. Im from grand bahama so some random stores there as well

What are your hobbies? 
hobbies! ital cookery, photography, painting, drawing, writing, listening to music, nature wandering

Most embarrassing the name of fashion?
hmmm i don't know if i have any besides having the occasional burns in my clothes...or maybe having something inside out lol. it happens

    Have you always been this FAB?
mmmm being fab is subjective tongue i'm really awkward . my style derived over time, from places i've visited etc. it's a gradual thing. at one point all i wore was black lol so yeah, i've grown into my own but always changing
Recommendations for those who are afraid to step out of the box?
just do what u feel like. you can't live for anyone but yourself don't ask for anyone's opinions, just do it

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