Sunday, September 16, 2012

Acne Free!

On this years summer vacay with the fam. I picked this item up in walmart. It also came with a free motorized scrub only 17.99 for the entire get up.. I couldnt resist! I had recently broken out pretty bad...and I had become very self conscious of I just HAD to try it. Prior to using it I googled some reviews of it and many said it sucked, saying it did nothing for them etc. I still thought i'd try it out but I didnt go into it thinking anything would actually happen...but surprisingly it really worked for me! ... within a week or so. I could see and feel the difference in my skin! Although the step 3 lotion can be a BIT drying if worn continuously everyday, i'd simply recommend using it sparingly ...maybe 3 times a week or so.. AT NIGHT as opposed to the recommended morning and night application... my skin is clear smooth and ACNEFREE lol.

On another note although my acne bumps are gone... because of my bad habit of picking my acne i've been left with several dark spots on my skin and ill be using the Proactive 'dark spot correcter' real soon... When I do.. ill post a review on it guys.

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