Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bahama Mama : Disha


What’s your take on fashion?
Fashion is not stationary; it will never be at a standstill. Fashion is something that cannot ever be defined, however I believe you should be able to take fashion or what’s IN fashion and define it for yourself in your own way that’s where style comes in.

Your house is on fire, you must grab your fav items of clothing before its too late! What are they!
If I had to narrow it down to top 5:
 Black leggings (they go with almost everything), my studded collar sheer mint shirt (haven’t worn that yet), Everything leopard print, candy striped button up shirt, Peach backless zip-up peplum top

Top 5 favourite clothing stores?
Forever21, Motel Rocks, NastyGal, New York & Co., Cache

Favourite labels?
Yves Saint Laurent, Emilio Pucci, H&M, Marc Bouwer, BoyLondon

Which celeb would you love to trade closets with?

Ideal place to travel to?
The UK

How do you feel about the state of fashion in the Bahamas?The state of fashion in the Bahamas is uniform. When one thing comes in style you know it because every night you go out you see the same thing. Crop top & bodycon skirt or color block shirt & bodycon skirt, it’s not unique The problem comes when people don’t know what fits them and what doesn’t, our ladies need to realize that yellow and purple is okay only on clothes but not in hair (unless you’re Nicki Minaj and sometimes she doesn’t even pull those colors off too well).

Ever felt those stares when you step out of the house in something shockingly fabulous!? Lol . If do you counteract those stares? What’s your take on fashion haters? 
Yes! I don’t mean to sound cocky but all the time! I honestly do it subconsciously. I wouldn’t say my fashion game is on Rhianna’s or Rita Ora’s level but hey I’m getting there lol! Well when I see the stares I just put 2% more pep in my step, flip the hair a bit and strut my way on to my destination lol. Fashion haters? If they’re mad then they can stay mad. It’s not my fault or any other fashionably savvy young lady’s fault that their wardrobe is lacking. I’m sorry!                                        

Do you clothing shop in the Bahamas? .. If so where?!
Yes I’ve recently started shopping here because I can’t wait for my next trip stateside. I usually shop at Femme Fatale, Obsessions

What are your hobbies?
Creating looks on polyvore (, maintaining my website (, styling and weaving hair (, sewing and creating clothes.

Most embarrassing the name of fashion?
Walking from the airport’s parking lot to human resources of the Airport Authority for work, the right heel of the wedge decided to separate from the rest of the shoe. I was stuck standing still for about 10 minutes until I saw a co-worker who stopped and gave me a ride back up to my car for my back-up plan, slippers.

Have you always been this FAB?
No, I could admit that I am recently finding out what works for me.

Recommendations for those who are afraid to step out of the box?
Don’t be afraid to not be matchy-matchy! Just because people usually wear red with leopard print you don’t have to, change it up. Don’t be stationary, get style iconsi.e Beyonce, Gwen Stefani WHOEVR! Create a tumblr and follow fashion blogs. Get to know your style. Know what works best for YOU!                                  

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