Monday, September 24, 2012

House at the end of the street

Has anyone noticed how long that movie title is? lol what the hell?!?! lol anyway..
I watched this movie this weekend and I enjoyed it! ... Its not what you'd think it is at all! ...Throughout the movie you'd think you knew what was really going on...but in actuality you have not the slightest idea until it all reveals itself! ... But I couldnt help but notice how Jennifer Lawrence couldn't help but be her 'Katnis' self... and wonder throughout the woods alone.... like who does that? Noone does that! lol

I give this movie two thumbs up! It's very suspenseful and thrilling all the way through.. great story line that keeps viewers guessing. GO OUT AND SEE IT

Sunday, September 23, 2012

!Girls night!

After dinner at the twisted lime my best friends and I headed out to Aura Nightclub.

The Twisted Lime!

Me and my best friends decided to get Fab and have a night on the town! We checked out a local restaurant called 'The twisted lime" the food was delish!

Greek Gyro

Turkey Sandwhich

Fish Quesadilla
Mango Mojito

We all had mango mojitos which were awesome as well! Our waiter on the other hand prior to us ordering told us it was his first night there..and we all wished him well..... But as he came to deliver our drinks.. all of the mojitos came crashing down on our table lol. It was so sad.... but we remained patient until we got new ones... poor guy lol

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Face of the Day

Today I decided to go a bit 'heavy' on the makeup lol. Im wearing all MAC products with the exception of my eyeshadow... Ill make a post later going in detail on the products used.

Bahama Mama : Disha


Photography by Me..

Besides being into clothing and fashion Im also a photographer! I have my very own photography business called 'CaptureMe Photography'. I've grown up watching my father take pics all the time...and i'd always play around with his cam from time to time. My father is also a photographer and he too has his own business called 'ImagesbyAlexander'. So basically the chip didnt fall far from the block lol. Here's some of my work.

Bahama Mama : JUNO!

Acne Free!

On this years summer vacay with the fam. I picked this item up in walmart. It also came with a free motorized scrub only 17.99 for the entire get up.. I couldnt resist! I had recently broken out pretty bad...and I had become very self conscious of I just HAD to try it. Prior to using it I googled some reviews of it and many said it sucked, saying it did nothing for them etc. I still thought i'd try it out but I didnt go into it thinking anything would actually happen...but surprisingly it really worked for me! ... within a week or so. I could see and feel the difference in my skin! Although the step 3 lotion can be a BIT drying if worn continuously everyday, i'd simply recommend using it sparingly ...maybe 3 times a week or so.. AT NIGHT as opposed to the recommended morning and night application... my skin is clear smooth and ACNEFREE lol.

On another note although my acne bumps are gone... because of my bad habit of picking my acne i've been left with several dark spots on my skin and ill be using the Proactive 'dark spot correcter' real soon... When I do.. ill post a review on it guys.


Frank Ocean just released his video for pyramids and its awessommeeee.
A little freaky I must say...but awesome none the less. My mind cant help but wonder what subliminal messages lie behind it...but I wont go in that deep today lol. This song is bound to bring out the inner 'stripper' in anyone lol Watch below!

Outfit Recap

Here's a recap of several favorite outfits i've worn in the past

First post here goes!!!

Hey guys and gals!

I've had several 'blog' like pages before like tumblr, msn groups ( waayyy back ) ... but I just thought i'd give this one a try as well.

Im a lover of fashion and all things unique. Im an island girl at heart but I have an extremely broad perception of fashion and the like. I shop.thrift. diy. Where I live majority of the folks are narrow minded when it comes to fashion..and wear the same types of clothing each and everyday!


Thats my mantra and I live by it! So I hope to display in this blog other individuals who dare to be different as well despite the surrounds or the status quo they live in.

Besides that, ill also be blogging my daily likes and shows... all that. Enjoy.
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