Sunday, November 4, 2012

International Fashionista: Monica

How old are you?
Im 20 years old

Where are you from?
New York

What’s your take on fashion?
I think fashion is something we created and dont get enough credit for . We create fashion and people dont see it . I believe in style and confidence because one can inherits that fashion dies .

You’re house is on fire, you must grab your fav items of clothing before its too late! What are they!
I would take my guess vintage high waisted jeans , my metropolis jeans, my crop tops lol , my biker jacket , my snap backs

Top 5 favorite clothing stores?
Buffalo Exchange
beacons closet

Favourite labels?
I love!! Versace cant afford it but I get the inspired like pieces.lolol
other than that I dont really care for labels .

Ideal place to travel to?
I would love to go to paris and experience fashion over there and see their take on trends and whats hot

How do you feel about the state of fashion in your city?
I love the state of fashion in NY , we dont care we are rebellious and its a time where no matter what you wear no one can judge you because we have became more open minded to new styles which Im really happy about. 

Ever felt those stares when you step out of the house in something shockingly fabulous!? Lol . If do you counteract those stares? What’s your take on fashion haters?

I always feel like people are thinking 2 things What the heck is she wearing ?
Or I love what shes wearing as long as their thinking one or the other Ive done my job lol.
I dont care about stares or haters I never feel like im that interesting for people to hate on me , I love seeing different styles and give others great feedback and hope they will do the same .

Fav places to shop and why.

I love shopping in thrift stores because they dont go according to trends they have things youve never seen before and thats what i love .

What are your hobbies?
I am a dancers on the side and i just started a youtube channel.

Most embarrassing the name of fashion?
my most embarrassing moment was when i went to a party and i was wearing american apparel disco pants with the zippers and the zipper popped while i was dancing lmaoo.

Have you always been this FAB?
I was never a fashion girl ” “. I went to military school so I never cared about anything but trying to be in marines lol. crazy right . I never was the popular girl , I was quite until i got into Highschool and started experimenting with my clothing.

Recommendations for those who are afraid to step out of the box?

My best advice for people who want to step out the box is do it ! this is the perfect time to do and if you get negative feedback from peers its time to change your circle and get positive people who will love and support you . Like i always say Be Bold and Confident !

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